Friday, 9 June 2017

Eileen Hull Passport Die and a Crafty Afternoon!

Morning all,

This is just a quick post, as I never seem to share something I've made 'just for fun'.  I've had a couple of nice days this week crafting with friends, the first day I finished a project which I can't show as usual, but on the second afternoon with my friend Jan, I just sat and played.  Jan had the new Eileen Hull Passport journal die, and I am now hooked.

Now I have to admit to not using my papers much any more, or die cutting!  But I LOVED this, and now want to make ten more.  The die is out of stock nearly everywhere in the uk, so I'm just going to have to wait to get it myself, but definitely will be now!  There is also an XL journal die, and that is now on my hit list too.

I used IndigoBlu papers for the covers and a few of the pages, and the rest were old Stampin Up papers I had, but you can use any paper, card stock, or recycled paper (junk too) that you like.

The book itself was exceptionally easy to make, and to bind at the end, we used an elastic cord, and I also made a quick tie to just slip over the book, but you could add buttons and cord, wrap around, wire, anything you like to secure it.

I added two little flower beads to my cord, as I decided to use this as an allotment journal, so I can see progress (hopefully!).

I used a thick greyboard, but would suggest to use slightly thinner than I have, it makes the spine easier to work with!  You can also glue your covers inside or outside your spine, it is personal choice.  You can also bind it in any way you like, I chose to go across the two holes as Jan's looked so neat I followed suit.

I will add a title, and maybe a little embellishment, and of course fill it full of allotment pics, so maybe will post an update later in the year.

Happy Crafting,



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